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But Tyson You're probably wondering why Tiger Woods is on this list at all.His stunning run of philandering included porn stars, sultry cocktail waitresses and various other women that can be bought and sold, like Rachel Uchitel.Both of whom were essentially married at the time, but clearly in the early processes of nasty, and costly, divorces.Thankfully, this unholy union was only temporary, as most relationships with A-Rod tend to be.Former Cincinnati Reds player and manager Pete Rose's penchant for betting on baseball earned him a life-long ostracizing from the sport he once dominated.

Let's gawk at 15 of the most improbable and ridiculous hookups in sports history.

His other conquests aside, Tyson's fling with supermodel Naomi Campbell in 1987 was a pretty strange pairing.

Mostly because he really went against type for Campbell, who has a thing for aging white dudes with lots of money.

Despite various allegations of violence and a prison stint for rape, back in his glory days, famed boxer Mike Tyson sure had a way with the ladies.

We all know there are plenty of ladies out there with a thing for bad boys, and Tyson definitely fits the bill.

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