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It is useful to know that radon is the product of radioactive disintegration, short-lived isotope, belonging to inert gases. It is evident from the practice that this is the best concentration, which gives excellent therapeutic effect and does not stress the heart.

This is the distinguishing feature of the MRC “Southern Bug” among other sanatoriums of the resort.

In Khmil'nyk combined together the main features of the resort, industrial and tourist center of the city.

Currently the city is developing as a spa resort, but it is the only radon resort in Ukraine.

In VIP apartments – Western style renovation, home theatre, fridge, telephone, audio and video recorders, satellite TV, furniture of natural wood, modern design, comfortable leather soft furniture, air-conditioner, vacuum cleaner, hair-drier, tableware set. Local excursion bureau invites to visit Pochaev Lavra, P.

In the developed countries radon therapy is not accepted as a conventional medicine, although in US hundreds of thousands patients annually visit radon caves in Montana, and other radon deposits.

It is widely used for baths, irrigations, inhalations and electrophoresis.

There are also cabinets of speleotherapy, herbal therapy, pump room with mineral water “Morshinskaya” (the water from Morshin sources №1 and №6 for those, suffering from chronic gastritis, enteritis, colitis, dysfunctions of liver, gall bladder, pancreas).

Its radon carbonate chloride- calcium- sodium water has not just been well known for a long time, it is successfully used in medical – sanitary practice as wonder-working healer of many ailments and diseases.

Locomotive system: osteochondrosis of vertebral column, deforming osteochondrosis, Bechterew`s disease, reactive arthritis, traumatic injuries of bones and joints, diseases of abarticular soft tissues, Raynaud`s disease and Raynaud`s syndrome; Burn disease (rehabilitation of after-burn patients with prevail affection of the skin, rehabilitation of patients with after-burn deformations, hypertrophic scars, psychological correction of after-burn patients; The miraculous water from the Khmelnik resort sources has great salubrious power.

It would be useful to find out why products of disintegration of radon deposit on the skin while taking radon baths.

It turn out to be a true sign that at this moment radon gets into body through mucous, lungs, skin and has a positive effect on the whole organism.

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In most European countries, Russia, CIS countries, and Japan - radon is a widely used method of balneotherapy.

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