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Employees are aware of what their bosses want and what the potential rewards are.This motivates them to do a better job and allows them to focus their energy in a certain direction.If an employee does not understand instructions, it is likely that they will perform their task incorrectly.Instructions must always be clear, concise and logical.The workplace can be a challenging environment, particularly when communication lines between employees and bosses are not running smoothly.It is vital for communication to begin from upper management and filter through to each employee so that people feel safe, comfortable, motivated, and clear in their goals when they are at work.

I’ve failed at marriage before, but that’s helped me become better at it.Such goals can only be accomplished if everyone is working towards them in an enthusiastic, dedicated and professional manner.With clear communication, any realistic goal is achievable.If this atmosphere spreads to the entire company, it can become an incurable cancer.Clear Goals: A company must have clear goals when it comes to the short and long term.

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