Lesbian and bisexual dating

Some of the key departments and their letter codes are shown below: Try searching Discovery within these department codes (enter the code in the ‘search for or within references’ box in Advanced search).

You can try using current terminology such as LGBT or transgender; but note that searching with historical terms will be more successful in many cases (see section 4.3) When you consult original records it is useful to be aware of different terms that have been used for sexuality and gender identity, and for the offences people were often charged with.

If you find relevant files that haven’t been tagged you can add an ‘LGBT’ tag to help future researchers.

Another technique is to search within the taxonomy subject ‘sex and gender’.

Identifying records relating to LGBTQ history is particularly difficult as the descriptions do not always make it clear that they contain relevant material.

The Your Archives online list of themed documents is a good starting point and will identify documents relevant to a number of the sections that follow.

Many twentieth century criminal records are listed in Discovery, our catalogue, but remain closed under the Data Protection Act.Alternatively, you can carry out your own search in Discovery using keywords such as a person’s name or a type of crime.Court records can include: Section 164 of the Policing and Crime Act 2017 gave posthumous pardons for convictions of certain abolished offences, including those under certain sections of the Sexual Offences Act 1956.If you come across other useful sources during the course of your research, we would be keen to hear about them. This guide previously offered guidance on researching gay, lesbian and bisexual histories, but following consultation with LGBTQ history researchers, we have included information about researching transgender and gender identity history.In the past, the state often conflated gender identity and sexuality which means that records are often found in the same record series.

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Although no major LGBTQ archive collections have been digitised, we have found some online material that we hope might be of interest to researchers in this area: Discovery, our catalogue, incorporates the catalogues of over 2500 archives across the UK and some abroad.

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