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States looking for increasing their revenue, truckers beware I've been hearing rumblings thru a lot of different channels. I'm seeing smokies sitting with radar all over the place. Judge Orders Prime to Reinstate Driver and Pay Her More Than 0,000 For Illegal Firing. This is what I got at Wal-mart the other day, with the exception of about 10 more …

In a decision issued on March 15, 2010, Department of Labor Judge Daniel Leland ruled that New Prime, Inc. How much does food cost you on the road for 2 weeks? Just a quick hello, then it's back to trucking, hope everyone has a great day, and thanks for being here! Minnesota driving schools will force new drivers to learn how to drive with trucks I hope this spread across the country like wild flowers. This is a question I always ask truckers but I can never get an answer. Old School Trucker about to get back out on the road, updates coming I am old school back in the 80's I cant get over what you made back then is still the same as Now Low Paying Freight High Fuel it's Crazy !!!!!!!!! Be Careful if you have to haul loads from Total Quality Logistics (TQL) My Husband and I picked up one load last week and were sent to the next stop where we called the broker (TQL) and told then that the shipper was not only …

on the road again....the days of the longhaul over? I had to take few years off(wife said it was my turn to stay home with kids). Will trucking companies hire someone who is 53 years old? 2 nd chance truckers listen to the un perfect trucker dont give up apply find out what kinda frieght is being hauled your area. Detroit Driver ticketed arrested for driving on suspended license. Aspiring Writer - Topics Include Driving and Life OTR Hi all, I'm excited to be embarking on a new career in the trucking industry as well as the driving industry. There is a house on I-80 in Wyoming that I am looking for Does anybody know where on I-80 is a house that is continually built on to? I was wondering how would truckers feel about that concept?? Will open container and speeding ticket keep me from trucking Will any company hire me with an open container ticket. I'm starting a business to just cater for truckers.Each Second Life destination has a maturity rating of General, Moderate, or Adult.You can choose to show or hide destinations based on their maturity rating. Content Guidelines Please note that many venues listed on this page are not owned, managed or supervised by, or otherwise affiliated with Linden Lab, and Linden Lab does not endorse any of these venues.

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