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My brain is heavy, and feels as though it's full of a viscous material a boy might use to attach popsicle sticks to each other, perhaps to construct an airplane, or maybe a cabin.

Well, he would if he could tear his attention away from Grand Theft Auto. As mighty as this head cold might be, I have Day Quil, sheathed like Excalibur in my desk drawer, removing it from it's scabbard to vanquish my congested sinuses, but only every four to six hours as directed by the warning label on the hilt.

Displaying the resolve and tenacity that would stick with me to this very day, I completely forgot about this assignment, and it was never mentioned to Madre.

I was introduced, and with a determination to give the best speech I could, I stepped to the front of the stage, stood there with a serious look, and said "When the heart stops, you die." With that, I returned to my chair.

Teh One and I had watched Sky Captain the night before; I guess we had the volume up a little loud, and it must have made it's way to Robby's audio sensors.

A movie about robots taking over the world must have jostled him out of his funk, I guess, and after watching it, actually hacked my site, made a login for himself, and the result is Monday's bizarre post.

I will say that what it lacked in grandeur was almost made up for with it's simplistic, guttural utterances. The house has been too quiet, and since I'm not about to go and buy a baby (they're not as easy to litter train, apparently), nor can I keep a dog (highly allergic), it was either a cat or an airhorn with a random timer. The issue before us would be the naming of the feline.

And airhorns don't purr when you pet them the right way. Her name as given by the people at cat rescue is Topaz, but that lacks "schwing".

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Well, as we all know, graduations require ceremonies, and this one was no different.

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