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Alas, it wasn’t to be: Paul Feig received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series, but in the end if only won one Emmy – Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series.We’ve had a glimpse into all of characters’ future arcs, mostly thanks to this piece by creator Paul Feig.

The second episode followed a week later, but then there was a three-week gap during October’s World Series (that’s baseball).

They’d ask things like, ‘When is Sam going to make out with a cheerleader?

’ In reality a special moment to us in high school was when we were sitting next to a girl and our knees were touching, never mind actually making out! They also wanted James Franco to take off his shirt, Britney Spears to make a guest appearance and everyone to actually be cool.” Judd Apatow says the show “should have been on HBO…

Where he would have gone: Would have been in a swing choir.

“I just thought he would really blossom in there and think he was kind of the king of the school,” says Feig.

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documented crummy high school experiences of the ‘80s.

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