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Today, the ancient well can still be found in Minyak Beku, though little was done to maintain this ancient landmark which gives name to the town.

For the town's centennial celebration in the early '90s, a quaint monument depicting a floating hand chiselling a rock was set up in the town square.

The 1,600 strong force saw considerable action during the campaign and contributed to the securing of the area during that period.The sub-district itself however is under the jurisdiction of the Pegawai Daerah (District Officer).The district office of Batu Pahat has five district engineers to oversee all the sub-districts infrastructure.It lies southeast of Muar, southwest of Kluang, northwest of Pontian, south of Segamat and Tangkak District. Johor Baru is located about 70 km to 100 km (43 miles to 62 miles) to the southeast of the town. The next nearest town is Muar which is 50 km (30 miles) northwest of Batu Pahat.

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Some of these temples are beautifully renovated and thus have also become a tourist attraction.

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