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S., defence through its solicitors to West Germany, Japan and. Basle and at the -Group of ment sale' of BP shares would Ten meeting expected' to be held come from- Its own 4S per cen L in Paris two or. It The ri ght j good grooming so many tnen ■seek and so ntany women admire comes' eaiijv with ;7r’ : Monricor Wortiu This high class liutgebf distinctive-^- *' - preparations now includes aseries of elegant, silver- -1 capped Aiomizers for After Shave, Eau de Toiiecte -rj» and Deodorant. ifa ■ Front «ei«cl*d stores mdclmnat* only ■ fj jp p laxaiie* Horaneja .. The breweries for one have reversed their earlier relative weakness; at one time this week Allied was showing a gain of IS per cent. A new long tap replaced as exhausted issue nn Tuesday, but business has been fairly light The further deferment of the Bank of England's call for special de- posits helped the market to edge upwards yesterday. Lyons’ battle for survival has taken several decisive turns this week. Wrath of God.” KUO The Lively Arts— In Per- formance: Martha Graham and her Dance Company. f 11.45 Midnight Movie: “War Hunt ” starring Robert Bedford.

Cangresaman who Bank, of England has entered a was in London recently, the U. ‘ per cen L of BP’s capita L is now The whole issue-wi H probably- worth. be discussed at- next yeek’s meet- ; Tbe legal dispute makes It Centra IBank-: Governors highly -likely that any Govern- ih. But the final, official fixing of the date for the economic package — next Wednesday — seems for the moment to have pushed aside all but optimistic thoughts. 8.15 News and Sport 8 AS Film International: - Aguirre.

George Street, Hanover Square, London W1A 3BG 01-629 9292 4 Vn Tfk J n smi Ti WM cc;s-»» * j^ri Dooi-.c^ni f»p»s g*j»b.i utmom jmw £! 27,147 Saturday December 1 CONTINENTAL SELLING Wl CESi AUSTRIA fcfcilli BELGIUM Fr.12: DENMARK Kr. SB: GERMANY DM1.70; i TALr W T A I ft INDUSTRIAL AND MARINE MAGNETOS \) US SI M VI A. Treasury, tbe West before cmnmittmg themse Wes to Germans and others are known anything more than a genera L-tp- have been thinking about this agreement to talk- g ome df them ‘ and It is argued in some quarters believe that ; the British have that tbe formula used by the U. Bat the banks can no longer contem- plate 1977 as another year of rapid growth. All regions as BBC 1 except at the Iollowins times: Wales — 9.05-9.30 ajn.

KV societies to ‘wait 1M limits wee Tlie Soviet Union Is to introduce 2(M)-miie fishing limits almost immediately. At one time loan demand had looked set to con- tinue rising.

Racing at Newbury and Newcastle has been abandoned and Lingficld is doubtful. Ministers may well have to fall back on the shipbuilding “ estab- lishment, 1 ' whose members were virtually ignored in the full-time appointments to the committee. Day when the latter was appointed chief executive of i Cunxnell Laird - Shipbuilders in 1971. Griffiths was finan- cial controller for the Vickers Group and Mr. - the growth of the - been agreed,- to money - supply and the gross consider- the. c will announce public solution itw(5Iti Tpar- expenditure cuts and other mea- tkular. to ttte next two fiscal liquidate the Tefficial .balances Tears* once and forrall or to- guarantee •'—•••• them m aqine way, Guidplm^ Seconddy^lprartical difficulties ' J Mf Uv UIIC» V . New Year 'gift Whatever else it may bring the New Year is going to open on a high note for shareholders in General Electric.

Some societies be Eeve that • higher Interest rates are essen- tial— an Increase In the. On one broker assumption there is scope for GEC roughly to double its yield to around 6} per cent. • ■ considered a key This, of course; remains a big doubtful that the market can .resistance point - It nowre,'"** bnt the market is now a continue to rise much higher mains to be seen whether (4). The brings the r yearly payment to producers received the rise they 90-.

present 121 per cent, mortgage rate to IS} or 131 pot* cent. A scheme of this sort would also provide the GEC management with an entirely new vehicle from which to pursue any longer-term de- velopments. gains have been spread right across the very wide base of market stocks and, if anything, the ma r k et 's **blue chip a -stocks making up the DJI have lagged behind.. ( 6 ) ( 10 ) demand exists at the institu- recognised the delicacy of this developed and it still has a long tional level, and the Inter- ™ ° nntnty S equilibrium by adopting a new life ahead. cents against 147.5 cents in bad been seeking -when the 1975."/" - floor price was increased from : A- -similarly predictable pat- $M1,000 to 5H1.075 per picul tern, was apparent in the divi- and the ceiling price was moved dends of two Union Corporation up from 3M1.200 - to SM1.325. Greotvle Ts December Yesterday the Eastern price was payment was 4 cents (2.75p) to $M1,234J. Bosch, stated ’ in his annual re- But the best intentions of the port .

with^ meet- and the IMF to assist Mexico in mg «£ -IMSs conditions that September may turn- out to be v5 a ! Still a recovery in profits this year looks safe enough, with a significant jump in the current six months stemming from higher interest rates.

Strenuous action to restrict lending can be expected in the New Year; and over the past six weeks the banks have been just about the worst performing stock market sector.

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