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Story credit: The Abyssinian Home Page Rouge Aegean Cat Breed Country of origin Greece The Aegean cat (only native Greek breed of cat.) originated from the Cycladic Islands of Greece and its development was started by the breeders in fledgling Greek Cat Fancy in early 1990.Characteristics of the Aegean cat Aegean cat has a semi longhaired coat without any down hair and has a rich tail.This coat provides a good protection to the body in the extreme cold climatic conditions.

Although other tabbies are bred in different colors, Abyssinians are bred and recognized for championship by CFA only in the ruddy and red varieties.(In CFA, the color blue was recognized in 1984 and fawn in 1989).

This medium sized breed has round-shaped paws and a long straight tail without any kinks.

Ears are wide having rounded tips and are covered with hairs.

Some breeders prefer to believe that Abyssinians are the most ancient of breeds and that they were both companions and gods of the Egyptians.

The history of the Abyssinian breed could begin whereever a ticked tabby walked, because similar cats existed in all countries.

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If you feel the "call of the wild," you might consider an American Bobtail cat as a companion.

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