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NEW YORK (CBSNew York/AP) — The New York City Council passed a bill Wednesday that would force pregnancy counseling centers to disclose whether they provide abortions, emergency contraception and prenatal care.Advocates including Speaker Christine Quinn said the landmark legislation targeted deceptive practices in centers run by anti-abortion groups attempting to dissuade women from ending their pregnancies."I'm in no way anti-capitalist, I think the market does a lot of good things, but the Europeans understand that the market also has its failings and that when simply left completely to its own devices, it doesn't produce these perfect results." But is more government regulation the answer? Back in suburban Washington, Brock -- the software engineer who hasn't had a long vacation for more than 10 years -- is finally planning a real getaway.His 60th birthday is coming up in December, and he'd like to do something special, maybe go on a cruise to the Bahamas.Quinn also believes the measure would withstand any legal challenge. “We just want them to be honest and to say what their services are and not to deceive women and make women believe based on all logical information that they are in a doctor’s information when they are not. But employers in the United States are not obligated under federal law to offer any paid vacation, so about a quarter of all American workers don't have access to it, government figures show. Or they worry they won't be able to cope with the backlog of work waiting for them after a vacation. Working more makes Americans happier than Europeans, according to a study published recently in the Journal of Happiness Studies.That may be because Americans believe more than Europeans do that hard work is associated with success, wrote Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn, the study's author and an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Dallas. [happiness] by working, and Europeans maximize their [happiness] through leisure," he found. Little appetite for regulation Critics say it's time for a change.

"I really would like to take a real, decent vacation and travel somewhere, but it's almost impossible to take a long vacation and to be out of contact," said Don Brock, a software engineer who lives in suburban Washington.That's the time for big trips, perhaps to other parts of Europe, or to Australia or North America.Germans might also book a ski holiday in the winter and take a week off during Easter. usually get two weeks of vacation a year, they cringe.De Graaf drafted the first version of the Paid Vacation Act of 2009, which would have required larger companies to provide at least one week of paid annual leave to employees. Alan Grayson, D-Florida, in May of 2009, got little traction.Opponents said that it would have a negative impact on business and that the government shouldn't get involved in the workplace in this way.

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"[Germans] work very hard, but then they take their holiday and really relax. It's more than just making money for Germans, it's about having time for your family and it's about having time to wind down." No legal obligation to offer vacation So what's going on here?

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