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Levine described the album as "a vast improvement", explaining: "I think this record is a little more self-confident and powerful lyrically".The album and its lead, third and penultimate singles ("Makes Me Wonder", "Won't Go Home Without You" and "If I Never See Your Face Again", respectively) each received Grammy nominations, although only "Makes Me Wonder" secured a win.Maroon 5's "Girls Like You" video is star-studded as hell with appearances from Cardi B (who's featured in her own verse on the song), Camila Cabello, Gal Gadot, Ellen De Generes, Aly Raismain, Millie Bobby Brown, Tiffany Haddish, and more.

While on the show, he would spend time writing songs about his ex-girlfriend Jane Herman./ I'm coming to you now doin' 20 over the limit / The red light, red light stop, stop (skrrt) / I don't play when it comes to my heart (let's get it though) / I don't really want a white horse and a carriage / I'm thinkin' more of a white Porsches and karats / I need you right here 'cause every time you call I play with this kitty like you play with your guitar Tracee Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi, Olivia Wilde, Emma Roberts, Issa Rae, Tiffany Haddish, Letitia Wright, Rashida Jones, and more all appear in the "Nice For What" music video.So between "Nice For What" and "Girls Like You," we pretty much have a makeshift all-women celebrity yearbook.Their 4-month-old daughter, Gio Grace, is not in the video.Spent 24 hours, I need more hours with you / You spent the weekend getting even, ooh ooh / We spent the late nights making things right, between us / But now it's all good baby / Roll that Backwood baby / And play me close Why is the best fruit always forbidden?

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Since its inception, Levine had been a coach on NBC's reality talent show The Voice.

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