Mcafee 8 5i 100 cpu when updating

New computers from Gateway have Mc Afee Internet Security installed on them.

It's been running with a minimum of fuss and bother on Vista Home Premium.

Right now, the main thing is to make sure the programs run smoothly on Vista, so in some instances options are limited. They seem to get the crap kicked out of them during tests.

But I'm just a rookie in the PC world compared to some of the vast knowledge on this board.

The last useful version of norton was norton av 2005. Yes it had its bugs, but mcafee took an extremely long time to fix them.

After that year their software just kept getting slower and slower and slower and it expired everyday. As soon as AOL started providing Mc Afee for free with their membership, the thing's quality has exponentially tanked with the amount of people who still can't grasp the concept of "right click". To me mcafee goes through phases and when you think there going to have a great product they destroy it in the end. We were waiting for patches for months and whenever a new one was release it created more bugs.

A lot of the doodads in it aren't really necessary for me, and the Spam Protection blocked some valid emails and I wasn't able to access them.

When the trial expires I might just resume running NOD32 resident and pick a FW that works with Vista, or else just pick up Mc Afee's Virus Scan Plus, since that includes the FW.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.They released a hotfix #320829 which helps mitigate the CPU usage problem, but I still think the entire update system is a joke.(Patch 3, which was recently released, includes this hotfix.) I have avast at home and I don't even know when it's updating, but Mc Afee on my system at work still brings my computer to a crawl for a minute or so while it updates, even with the "fix."I don't think a lot has changed in Virus Scan since version 4.5.x.Their updater completely locks down the computer and pegs the cpu at 100% until its done.Worst part is if you have a lot of users and using a managed server forget it the users are waiting for mcafee to finish.

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