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In fact, I myself have been guilty of serendipidating in the past.

But by consistently taking part in this pervasive dating trend, you may be inadvertently sabotaging your chances of meeting a potentially awesome long-term partner.

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The pricing may change from time to time via notice to you and is effective on your click through agreement.Some of us may participate in this trend and not even realize it.Have you ever put off making concrete plans — whether that be a date or something else — because you were worried that something better might come along?) when there might be a better option waiting in the wings?And thanks to things like social media, if there happened to be a really awesome party or concert the same night of that AWFUL (albeit, hypothetical) date you agreed to, you’ll have to see images and videos of friends plastered across social media living it up without you.

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Serendipidating feeds a fear of commitment that can prevent you from an active dating life and from ultimately finding a long-term relationship.

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