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So far this season, he’s talked about goths and has weighed in on the great candy corn debate.On Tuesday, video surfaced of possibly his greatest quote yet.In 2013, he had this to say about dating in Provo, Utah, where he had his first date with his wife. “If you want just good, solid food and aren’t as into the atmosphere, I’d go to Mongolian Fire, which I really like. But if you go to the more high-end Black Cypress, I’d talk to Nick beforehand because he has the menu and it’s all really good.“Went to A&W [for my first date with my wife],” Leach said via the “Had just finished a rugby game, went to A&W, had a coupon book. He’s got some great appetizers and he’ll come by and keep hitting you up – here’s this, try that – and I think it should work out really well.” Please never change, Leach.“The women lose their mind,” Leach told the soon-to-be groom. Outside of coaching, Washington State’s Mike Leach is known for his hilarious quotes he gives during interviews.

According to Mike Leach, the biggest mistake you can make on a first date is putting a woman in a situation where she can order a salad. Here is his suggestion to a Texas Tech freshman who was asking for a dinner recommendation.

The WSU coach provided grooms-to-be a survival guide on how to successfully navigate the treachery that is wedding planning. Several of your sisters and female relatives are gonna lose their mind.” Then he prepped the reporter on all of the wedding planning that will be so ludicrous that it will actually threaten the wedding.

On Tuesday night during a media session days before a showdown against rival Washington, a reporter, who is getting married next week, asked the WSU coach for some wedding advice. Leach outlined what will happen before, during, and after the wedding.

"I recommend Cagle Steak House, which is very casual.

If you’re looking for an opinion, you can do worse than selecting the Washington State head coach as your source. But a reporter getting married in 9 days asked @Coach_Leach for wedding advice tonight, and Leach’s answer was incredible. 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/alh Oi Wd9Tv — Aaron Levine (@Aaron Q13Fox) November 22, 2017 Leach not only has advice for every scenario, he’s also leading the Cougars to a potential conference title.

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Mike Leach is a football coach, but more importantly, he's a life coach, and he has some advice for all of you people hoping to find love.

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