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Taking this further, scientists recently started identifying proteins from bones to glean more ...

One of the last dinosaurs living in Africa before their extinction 66 million years ago has been discovered in a phosphate mine in northern Morocco.

It’s controversial for sure, and I want to point out that no two experiences, no two people, and no two experiences are the same. I’ve been pretty anxious for a while about tackling the topic of dating in Morocco as a blog post.

[Read full story]Spinosaurus was larger than all other carnivorous dinosaurs, including the tyrannical T.

rex, and on its back it sported a sail of fleshy spines taller than a grown man.

It thus opens avenues for further study of the food chains of the past.

Studying bones has helped scientists reconstruct what dinosaurs and other extinct creatures looked like.

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Remains of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus had been found in Egypt and Morocco dating to the Upper Cretaceous Period.

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