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DEV.423(/embedded) Link Wrangler, v1.97 Link Wrangler Auctioneer, v1.64 Link Wrangler Companion, v1.77 Macro Toolkit, vv7.1.0.0 Macro Toolkit Icons, v7.1.0.0 MBB, v Mythic Plus Progress, v0.3e for Patch 7.1.0 Mythic Plus Timer, v1.2.1 Oilvl, v6.4.21 Omni CC, v7.1.1 Omni CCConfig, v Pawn, v2.1.18 Postal, vv3.5.8 Prat30, vr1054 Prat30Libraries, v Relic Inspector, v1.11.4 RSA, v3.2752 RSADruid, v Saved Instances, v7.0.8 Searchfor Satchels, v0.1.2 Skada, v1.6.5 Skillet, v3.19 Slide Bar, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Stubby, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Suramar Portals, v1.01 Tip Helper, v5.12.

DEV.405(/embedded) Tom Tom, vv70100-1.0.0 WIM, vr524 World Quest Group Finder, v0.22 World Quest Tracker, v ZPerl, v5.1.8 ZPerl Arcane Bar, v ZPerl Party, v ZPerl Party Pet, v ZPerl Player, v ZPerl Player Buffs, v ZPerl Player Pet, v ZPerl Raid Admin, v ZPerl Raid Frames, v ZPerl Raid Helper, v ZPerl Raid Pets, v ZPerl Target, v ZPerl Target Target, v Bliz Runtime Lib_en US v7.1.5.70100 Why does this not have an import feature on a per character basis.

This also grabs your bag and bank data to power Mr. This information can help team members make decisions for any loot system you are using. This mod is created and distributed by Team Robot (the creators of Ask Mr I use AMR all the time and the last few weeks the addon has been updated, but when I open my Character window which say my ilvl is 946, when I export the AMR data to the website, the website shows 919 or some other #, it is not updating the info correctly onto the website. Where in the AMR site is the option to EXPORT info after I'm have optimized? For what ever reason, when I import from Ask Mr.robot etc, the set temporally says that its saved yet when I change to another spec and back, the previous set shows and not the updated, seriously this needs to be fixed as I would hate to Disenchant something that I need...

Elliot realized that in order to fully remove evidence of the proletariat’s debt to E Corp, he’d also need to take out those paper records.

Luckily, E Corp is in the process of moving their paper records from many locations to one E Corp building in order to rebuild their data.

Like if I check for Best in Slot, I should be able to import that info into the games addon and have a list that I can check in game for what loot I need to be going after.

Maybe even add a popup note that appears when engaging a boss to show what loot I need off the boss.

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@Iguana C64 Thank you for your tip on searching with the ID from thetvdb. Just wish Plex would be forthcoming about these issues as I know I've had this exact issue multiple versions in the past.

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