My mom is dating an alcoholic

But, let's look at the circumstances where the temperament of the alcoholic/addict parent does not present a risk to their child or children.

The most important thing the custodial parent can do is formulate a co-parental agreement.

7) If I am not comfortable with your state of responsibility or question your sobriety, I will have no choice but to get child welfare services or the police involved.

As a concerned parent I will do whatever the safest, healthiest and proper steps are to ensure our children's best interest.

Please be aware that if I don't, I will come and get them.

But as we got to be juniors and then seniors, the stories became increasingly uncomfortable to hear.

There were times she slept with multiple men in one evening. There were times she woke up in places she did not want to be.

I thought once we graduated and she got a job, things would be different. In 1981 Tammy came to visit me at my apartment in Boston where I was in my first year of law school. A few months later, Tammy started a game with me on Words With Friends. I was waiting for Tammy to take her turn on Words With Friends when I read on Facebook that Tammy had died. I told her the truth, abandoned her and she died at 53.

We went out on the town, but after a while, I wanted to go home. And I knew from those games that something wasn't quite right. She was 53 and died "unexpectedly." I was not in her inner circle, so I don't know the details of her death, and it was not my place to push. I wonder now if I should have done something differently.

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