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The same study found that a single sex worker earns 1,500 shillings a day and that the daily income from the sex business is 300 million shillings.

Therefore the Kenyan Government would earn a tidy 110 billion shillings just from taxing sex workers The current law makes it an offense to “loiter with intent to sell sex.” The council officers use cloak and dagger tricks like driving around in unmarked cars pretending to be clients and then arresting the sex workers, or propositioning a girl in a club and arresting her soon as she steps out into the street.

A carpenter who has also been involved with one of the rich women said the women sometimes asks their husbands for permission before engaging.

“Let sex workers have a designated building so that whoever needs them can get them through the Internet,” said one county leader.

The trend of married women dating house boys or shamba boys is not new.

it has been a trend for a while their askaris Studies show the women engage in such affairs for sexual satisfaction and happiness, for companionship, to prove a point to their husbands and generally just to feel good.

Just down the road from Koinange Street, one is attracted to the distinctive sound of live Congolese rumba and as you draw closer there is a strong smell of roasted beat and grilled fish. The profile of the prostitute who hangs out here is usually one who will sit a table, hope to attract a man to offer her a drink that she will then hang on to for the better period of the night while watching the comings and goings intently.

Hanging out at Simmers requires one to be alert because some of the girls here, in cahoots with their male collaborators, would not be averse to slipping something into your drink to knock you out.

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A late night drive down Nairobi’s Koinange Street reveals that the city’s unofficial red light district is struggling to remain in business.

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