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[MK] Like most Reformed folks, I am a big fan of Hodge and Warfield.And I think they are absolutely right to focus on apostolicity as a key part of how we know which books are canonical.When it comes to the canon question, theology and history need to be dialogical partners, not adversaries.[DT] Given that Jesus places his imprimatur on the Old Testament canon, the argument for its completion seems a relatively easy one.

Although some have conceived of a self-authenticating canon as circular, it is decidedly not.[MK] The assumption of modern critical scholarship is that the canon is merely a human creation--it is something that early Christians put together to serve their own needs and purposes.For this reason, scholars have devoted all their energies toward finding a natural explanation for the canon's existence (e.g., Marcion, Montanism).We have a lot of historical facts--anyone who has read the fine works of Metzger and Bruce will have plenty of patristic data to work with.But, a pile of historical facts is not sufficient to authenticate these books.

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