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The process took about 8 to 10 months, and were fortunate to have active and engaged investors that really want to see us succeed.

The investors decided on how engaged they wanted to become.

Money is money, and who comes to the table with that money will most often determine the type of expertise you get.

We were looking for cash and had a wish list of expertise.

Mentorship was invaluable at this stage of our business and so that was going to play a factor in what we were willing to give up.

Besides, you can only talk to your wife for so long about your business.

They recognized a general lack of marketing skills throughout the professional home contractor industry.We did our research, went through a business plan competition and we knew we really needed to be prepared with our numbers.It’s a double edge sword, if you spend all your time planning and not implementing, you’re not going to get anywhere.I quit my full-time job and didn’t take any money out of the company from day one, pouring in as much sweat equity as we could.Although it was my passion, I appreciate that it’s been a huge sacrifice for my family, especially my wife.

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