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Based on sheer numbers, the mindset of the maximizer just isn’t available to most here. Up here, your dating history parades in front of you: at the grocery store, the bar, the house party, on the street — and online.You have to accept defeats, and forgive at the drop of a hat, or become a shut-in.

It’s a pay-site, so the assumption (and the appeal, for some) is more serious matches than free dating sites. Not for the cheap, the faint of heart, or commitment-phobes.“Nope, not a chance am I going to pay to use a dating website. I don’t care about online dating enough to pay money, and I doubt that it’s any better than the rest of the free sites out there.” – Panelist Our notes: Something in between chance meetings and random hook-ups in Yellowknife? Here’s a pool of five people in your age range and location who meet that criteria. No, really: there were five.“I wanted to see if there were a better selection of people.

Most panelists reported that they’d tried POF after hearing about a friend of a friend who found true love there.

One of our panelists even met their lifelong match here (although they’d never publicly admit to that).

is an online “Bondage, BDSM and Fetish Community for Kinksters,” started after its creator was frustrated with trying to find like-minded partners on other sites. On Fet Life, users can be as anonymous as they’d like, creating online personas based on flexible descriptors.

It allows users to communicate based on interests rather than just proximity, creating an environment of understanding and respect.

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[…] I’m always shocked to see the amount of personal details that people put into these profiles. I guess if you were looking for something serious, Plenty of Fish might be the way to go.

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