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I translated it last week but due to a set back have been unable to edit it until today. I'll post the link to the knew blog when I have a new translation to post... File 135033959313- (182.87KB , 757x1074 , Sunohara-5_JP (1)) This guy I met in a chatroom gave me a ton of awesome gay japanese-porn and he asked me to translate this, so I did.

29580 Circle Reflection translated works, part 2: Run -Enchant -Individual Class -Individual Class Supplementary Lessons -May 5th is Adult's Day -Nesno -Walpurgisnacht File 137230777597- (1.50MB , 2160x3026 , uq ) Title: Kazemaru-kun ga Uchi ni Tomari Nikitan Dakedo Artist: Shiho Circle: acoram Credit: Kami-nii-sama 29810 Magical Trap Rio & Devil Kiss 1-3, in English is sort of related to DK by way of characters (you'll see). Here's a rar for some Mother 3 doujins Chimera File Tatsumairi - Amata no Kioku Tatsumairi - Amata no Kioku 2.5 [Mother 3] [ HQ PDF] Tatsumairi - Butaikka [Mother 3] [ HQ PDF] Tatsumairi - Mother 3 Doujinshi 2 - Amata na Kioku 2 Uchida Junta - 参戦してもいいですか? (Earthbound MOTHER 3) If anyone can upload more, I'd appreciate it. Kazu Mania (Summer Wars) KIRA (note - full colour, no relation to Death Note) Kitsune Shuugen Usagi no Risu (Summer Wars) File 137357490777- (347.37KB , 500x497 , 35438460_) Can anyone tell me if this Takenokoya ROM has been uploaded to a file share site at all? Gu4RSms TTQJ0e9L95ox W401-Qu0AYzk QJ00Hc Pl AVJI Enjoy (Waiting For Sub Desu-H To Translate It) Title: ×××× Yarouze!

File 141728324116- (153.68KB , 1200x900 , 001_001) Hinahara Yashiki (Hinahara Hajime) - Jikan Teishi!

Nerau wa Mochiron Otokonoko 380 (Sabawo) - Gang Biyori [Eng] 380 (Sabawo) - Hot Drop [Eng] 380 (Sabawo) - Mite Mite!

So go check out my blog, there's lots of goodies and I update between 2 and 4 times a week with new translations each post.

4obbbv2s13xed4k The first 2 chapters are at my blog: Also there are a lot more translations on my blog too, I'm just posting the links to a few of the longer doujins on 7chan.

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