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I try to document in detail how I went about installing and running the solver. My testing procedure is generally to figure out how to get the solver running on my computer (which normally runs Linux but can be booted into Windows), write some code so that I can export puzzles from the database in the correct format to be read by the solver, and then test the solvers on the puzzles.In the run-time tests performed for this survey, I always ask the solvers to find two solutions, unless the solver doesn't support that option.This obviously puts the solvers that weren't really designed for that at a disadvantage. Hakan Kjellerstrand's Mini Zinc Nonogram Solver 5.2.3. The puzzles consist of a blank grid with numbers along the top and one side.

This may seem unfair to these solvers, and it is, but I don't really see much of any practical use for a simple solver.

I run a community paint-by-number website,, where people create and solve such puzzles.

Kenichi Ishigaki's Games:: Nonogram Perl Module 5.1.9. Vladimir Sukhoy's C Paint by Numbers Solver 5.1.11. One of the many charms of these puzzles is that they are quite easy to create as well as to solve.

Note that this document has been updated many times.

Older links and/or citations may well have refered to older versions which were significantly different.

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