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In it, White show off her semi-naked post-baby body and reveals how pregnancy left her with “droopy milk-filled boobs, wider hips, and a belly full of stretch marks." She continues: "That's my post-baby reality, no ‘bouncing back’ here!” (And while she says there are days she wishes her body were firmer, she also says she really wouldn’t have it any other way.) Check out her full Facebook post here: Experts say she’s right—pregnancy can leave you with lasting physical souvenirs, some of which are more obvious than others.Your hair and nails tend to grow well during pregnancy, but the loss of hormones after childbirth can cause you to actually lose your hair, Whelihan says. However, this usually improves after about a year postpartum.While stretch marks often fade over a period of months to one or two years after you give birth, Cackovic says they don't ever fully disappear.If this sounds like you, it's definitely worth bringing up with your doctor so you can work together to find some relief.

Aside from the whole growing-a-baby thing, hair sprouts in weird places, your skin stretches in ways you probably never thought were possible, and your boobs usually go up a cup size or two, seemingly overnight.

“People may notice that their shoes fit differently after pregnancy,” Shepherd says.

This usually goes away within six months to a year postpartum, she says, but some women may go up a shoe size permanently.

Your breasts can actually “deflate” after you give birth, regardless of whether you breastfeed, Maureen Whelihan, M.

D., an ob/gyn at the Center for Sexual Health & Education, tells SELF.

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