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Appearances definitely aren’t everything but photos do help people decide whether they might be attracted to someone or not.

The good news is that it tends to have less to do with the way someone looks than with the photo itself. In the same way that an attractive stranger may catch your eye from across a room, someone’s profile photo is the first thing you notice about them.

And this attribute should show in your dating profile.

There is some data who also suggests women are attracted to a guy who displays pride and has a more “powerful” presence (think broad shoulders and raised arms).

You’ve given thoughtful responses to the Relationship Questionnaire, crafted your profile, and thought carefully about your likes and dislikes.

Your dating profile showcases everything that’s great about you.

They told me that everyone should post at least 4 pics. A Group Shot They call it the “cheerleader effect,” which essentially means that when you are surrounded by a group of nice-looking people, your attractiveness level increases.

Why would you want to seem grumpy to someone you haven’t even met yet?A great photo can attract someone instantly but a bad one can turn them off straight away.It’s a snap judgement but it prevents them getting to know more about you.The group photo is also nice because it shows that you have friends: a big bonus. Studies reveal that people find the left side of the face more attractive, so if you have a shot which features the left side of your face, opt for that one. It gives your matches a good sense of who you are and shows enough of your physicality as well.It’s really tough to get a sense of what body type someone has from a close-up selfie. A Smile Ok, I have to admit this tip doesn’t come from our expert matching team.

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I say they can do all of that — but with a charming grin.

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