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My cousin has native ancestry (around 6%) and he’s blonde, and paler than Cameron. Most Cubans like her have a lot of Spanish ancestry. Many Americans do not know that Spanish and Portuguese are originally white. Most Northern Spaniards have blonde hair, and Olive Skin. Many Europeans of mixed heritage went to the USA because they were consider. In Europe, to be white you have to look white and produce white children.

Cameron’s paternal grandparents were of Cuban descent (with Spanish, including Asturian, ancestry); her father also had one eighth Spanish-Venezuelan ancestry.

Cameron has also stated that she has Native American ancestry on her mother’s side (sometimes specified as Cherokee Native American).

It is not clear if this ancestry has been verified/documented.

Chloe was the daughter of Charles Marion Allen and Catherine Delcina/Della Babb.

Cameron’s maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Jeanette Waddingham (the daughter of Joseph Herbert Waddingham and Elizabeth Rankin Withers).

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