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Reflecting this, most ectopic pregnancies are located in the fallopian tube; the most common site is the ampullary portion of the tube, where over 80% of ectopic pregnancies occur.

(See Etiology.) Nontubal ectopic pregnancies are a rare occurrence, with abdominal pregnancies accounting for 1.4% of ectopic pregnancies and ovarian and cervical sites accounting for 0.2% each.

An empty uterus on endovaginal ultrasonographic images in patients with a serum β-HCG level greater than the discriminatory cut-off value is an ectopic pregnancy until proved otherwise.

Laparoscopy remains the criterion standard for diagnosis; however, its routine use on all patients suspected of ectopic pregnancy may lead to unnecessary risks, morbidity, and costs.

Laparotomy is usually reserved for patients who are hemodynamically unstable or for patients with cornual ectopic pregnancies; it also is a preferred method for surgeons inexperienced in laparoscopy and in patients in whom a laparoscopic approach is difficult.

Ectopic pregnancy refers to the implantation of a fertilized egg in a location outside of the uterine cavity, including the fallopian tubes (approximately 97.7%), cervix, ovary, cornual region of the uterus, and abdominal cavity.

Candidates should demonstrate objective evidence of resolution (eg, declining β-HCG levels).

Concurrently, however, the case-fatality rate decreased from 35.5 deaths per 10,000 cases in 1970 to 2.6 per 10,000 cases in 1992.Without timely diagnosis and treatment, ectopic pregnancy can become a life-threatening situation. Patients may present with other symptoms common to early pregnancy (eg, nausea, breast fullness). (A) Ampullary, 80%; (B) Isthmic, 12%; (C) Fimbrial, 5%; (D) Cornual/Interstitial, 2%; (E) Abdominal, 1.4%; (F) Ovarian, 0.2%; and (G) Cervical, 0.2%.If you'd like to suggest babes that haven't been added to Free Ones yet, please take a moment to suggest them here!Ectopic pregnancy is the result of a flaw in human reproductive physiology that allows the conceptus to implant and mature outside the endometrial cavity (see the image below), which ultimately ends in the death of the fetus. Unfortunately, only about 50% of patients present with all 3 symptoms.

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(See Epidemiology.) The increased incidence of ectopic pregnancy has been partially attributed to improved ability in making an earlier diagnosis.

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