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As is usual toward the year-end when buyers and tellers alike are chiefly occupied with Inventories there Is increasing dullness in leather but the weather has been decidedly stimulating to retail demands in footwear. De prt1iient tore report record-breaking vol nine ot business of which a Urge per cent U for cask money belig tppientlyplnti ta O Wholesalers and manufacturer. trsd I very actir caused by activity of cotton- wills. per cent' of capacity of stfel plants Is occupied with government work. the word all of the money paid in and In one Instance the gate money going to the winners. will be so regulated as to preserve such supplies as are needed for war requirements and the Importation of stock that is not absolutely essential is being discouraged. 284C848000 20 2 Previous weeks plot in total comparisons inesmpiets BRADSTREETS REPORT ON LOCAL CONDITIONS' Trade at' wholesale and' retail manufac turing and industry Is active Weather conditions are much Improved and' trade' at retail ha been heavy. close on Febru- any 1 Entry blanks and general In formation may be secured from. February 16 University of North Carolina in Danville. The buying was based mainly on persistently favorable spot accounts and on the small ginning returns Is sued by the-census bureau. Money Is active at strong rates but borrowing by non-essential enterprises Is frowned upon. 2463000 35160500 1975000 72 2 2012000 2110 000 30 4 2113000 2874000 75 2410000 17 S 1776 0 010 : 24010 0000 240 3 1 282000 3 31000 108 3 1717050 1 1 1412600 5 45 3 1338000 1136000 1241001 161500 25 128200000 JT3 15 0 0 4 13810000 16 100 9 H. Additional trade restrictions were implied by- reports'- that the administration intends to ask legislation for absolute control of such commodities as coal iron and oils. fuel short age- had seriously curtailed production of Thumbed iron and steel. These disturbing conditions were supplemented by an unfavorable crop outlook the' government reporting a low condition of winter' wheat. Increase in the local federal' reserve discount rates places that bank on the same level with Its associates.

who it employed as an operator by the Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph com pany. with fuel moving more freely fun employment of facilities has not been possible in various industries and the restriction of outputs has made producers more than ever disinclined to book additional orders from regular channels. Arrangements also have been completed for the annual tournament of the Woman's National Bowling association to be held on the tournament al leys Immediately following the American Bowling congress contests. It is reported that there have been substantial additions to the lists of women bowlers during the year. Bithday of Jim Flynn And Soldier Kearns the White Hopes Today Jim Flynn and Soldier Keirni were both born on December U in Brooklyn. where demands are closely confined to actual requirements sellers arc more disposed to make concessions. Overshadowing all other features in iron and steel has been the continued hampering of operations through in adequate supplies of fuel and considerable machinery and labor have on oc caslons been idle. You ar required to be at the March Tests of said' court held on the tint Monday. Toney began his baseball career on the corner lots of Nashville. Where buyers' wants axe especially urgent there is no discussion about prices but in some commodities such as in light weight hides- and in upper leather. of November It 17 Charles Bombal filed wit against you for foreclosure mortgage to th March Term of said court.

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Peacemaker and Puritan being distanced The winner was owned by Charles' Kerner or New York. prepared for the race by Carl Burr and driven by Budd Doble. He first put on the gloves at the Rover dub in Pueblo where Abe Attell and Young Corbett alto fought some of their first battles. But additional works have closed entirely or have re duced their schedule of running because fires could not be kept going.

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