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Using a mental picture to understand this concept can be very helpful.

The law of faunal succession deals with the fossils of plants and animals and states that groups of fossilized animals and plants follow or succeed each other in a predictable manner.

Most fossils occur beneath water because these conditions most commonly occur in and around water.

These necessary conditions also make it highly likely that fossils will form in sedimentary rocks, which is part of why fossils are so important in relative dating.

That is, they become abundant, and then their sensitivity to environmental changes causes them to become extinct.

Since many plants and animals have large habitats, this can be very useful in helping to date sediment layers of interest.

Fossils are any preserved remains or traces of an organism that previously lived.

Relative dating is an important topic in AP Environmental Science.

It is used to help identify what ancient environments looked like, when certain kinds of animals lived, and what changes have happened in a given environment over many years.

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