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Along the way, the execs achieved the street cred and bad-boy rep of real rock stars.

It's the most popular and critically acclaimed M-Rated (not for kids under 17) game franchise in history, and the new game is expected to earn a half billion dollars.Donovan was a self-described “A&R chap” who signed fledgling bands to sublabels.When BMG launched an interactive division in 1993, the three friends jumped at the chance to work there, even though the Housers’ previous exposure to game design was fiddling around on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and the extent of Donovan’s coding experience was getting his computer to write TERRY IS COOL.The trouble began five years ago, when Rockstar’s embattled parent company, Take-Two Interactive, came under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.Since then, there have been charges of shady accounting and backdated stock options.

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The game has also been a lightning rod for controversy, and Take-Two has been under investigation for financial improprieties.

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