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But all you really need to know is that Tim plays Tommy Quincy, the producer of a teenaged singer-songwriter named Jude Harrison, who won an American Idol-like talent competition.

I auditioned the first or second day I got back and booked it pretty fast.

The biggest thing was the after-hours parties, and everyone with their glow sticks and the whole thing. Do you know if there are plans to distribute Pure in the U. Have you been approached about contributing to the show in that capacity? Outside the set, most of the time I hang out with Kristopher. You and Tommy both have a thing for leather jackets. You know, I was out in the jungle, I was kayaking, I was climbing volcanoes, I was horseback riding, nothing bad happened. I know you had to do a little voice work for Instant Star today, but otherwise do you have some time to ease back into your acting schedule?

Time management is very much important for busy celebrities, and it is more mandatory when they have some side business as well.

Customers ofter regard Garde manger as the hippest restaurant in Montreal fo it's fine dining, beautiful cocktail, well-selected wine list and much more. I’m playing in a science fiction show based on a comic book.

So this is indeed a successful business for Tim, which obviously demands a lot of his time and efforts. “I was doing a series in Toronto and my business partner called me and said the place downstairs was for rent. Life is good.” Tim is in his forties, and he is still unmarried.

If you were able to choose the role that would make you a big star, what kind of character would you choose, and what kind of film would it be? Are you interested in eventually trying your hand at writing or directing? Were you approached directly for the role of Tommy on Instant Star, or did you audition? As soon as I read the script, I knew I could do the guy. I read for him, got a call back to read with Alexz, and the rest is history. When I walked in to audition for that character, I was wearing my leather motorcycle jacket and the jeans exactly like Tommy wears. I auditioned the first or second day I got back and booked it pretty fast.

And she gets back with the ex, and regrets being with the ex. Lots of actors make their screen debut in horror films. It was just a little too gratuitous at some points. I do write things now, and I would love to write, maybe an episode of Instant Star. What other things about this show do you enjoy, besides getting to work with her? We have the maestro on there, Wes Williams [who plays Darius]. They let me write some stuff, and they let me play a lot of guitar. We went to Barcelona this year, and we go through a lot together. Have you brought your own sense of style to the character? My friend came down later and we traveled all over the country. But I did get stung by a scorpion, so that was kind of…weird. I got on a shuttle bus to leave from Monterrico to Antigua, sat down on a chair, and there was a scorpion on my chair. But it was one of these non-venomous kinds of scorpions, so I passed out for two hours and then I was fine. The first week I got back I booked a movie in Montreal.

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I started at 14 years old working in the kitchen and moved to the front of the house, and I said, ‘I’m in. I don’t have time to be sad about not getting a part because I have a business to run. However, there was a usual enthusiasm from the public that he and his co-actress Alexz Johnson were in the relationship, but that also went trailing a wrong path.

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