Russell simmons dating mallika sherawat

Instead of cow’s milk, she gets dairy from soya, cashew, and almond milk.

“I am against the concept of killing an animal to eat it.” She is also into natural foods and whole grain chapattis, a type of unleavened flat bread in India. You should be rushing to the store for almond milk already.

Yes, my friends make fun of me but I know it works, and what works on camera works for me:).” —- has expressed an interest in going to India and gracing the silver screen there.

“I’m really looking forward to coming to India,” Anderson said of her plans to travel.

“I can’t, however, remain without non-veg food even for a single day.

Therefore, it won’t be proper for me to involve myself in the campaign against non-vegetarian food.” So this gal is no .

And I never go outside without my parasol to lessen the sun rays to the skin.

Yes, my friends make fun of me but I know it works, and what works on camera works for me:)” Mallika even goes so far as to shun dairy, getting her calcium from almond, cashew and soy milk.

I workout daily, the usual “star” stuff:) I get plenty of sleep, I think that helps, too.via Zor Se Bol Possibly Related Posts: , for which she won Best Actress at the Zee Cine Awards in the Indian film industry.She’s not only sexy, but smart too, as she obtained a degree in Indian philosophy from Miranda House, Delhi University.Based on her description of what it takes to be a sex symbol, a.k.a.All eyes were on Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat, who had a front seat to New York Fashion Week's hottest shows and parties.

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You would think the group would target well known celebs who don’t flip flop about their diet, like Kareena or Mallika, for example.

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