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For her, I fight to #endalz every single day and will continue to do so until we have a world without Alzheimer'[email protected] A post shared by Lauren Miller Rogen (@laurenmillerrogen) on Having that conversation with her [about getting tested] and having the doctors deliver the news was difficult.Since both of her parents (my grandparents) had dementia, I was familiar with the signs. Everyone is forgetful sometimes; it doesn't mean you have Alzheimer's. I didn't want it to be happening, so it was just easier to pretend it wasn't.

Statistics show that more than 10 million millennials in the U. are acting as unpaid caregivers — that’s one quarter of all unpaid caregivers in the U. 2.4 million millennials are an #Alzheimers Care Giver.

I’m lucky enough to know a lot of funny people who are also very nice and willing to help.

There have been a lot of diseases people thought were unmanageable that are now manageable.

I'm not the type of person to keep things bottled up.

Plus, it was getting to the point where I couldn't keep it a secret — yes, she was fully functional, but people could tell. You have to be respectful and calm and patient — that was difficult for me.

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