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As she touched herself, she usually just concentrated on the implement being used. All that mattered was the stinging, burning feeling of each impact as it made her cry out. Her eyes stayed riveted on the machine while her hands, almost of their own accord, started to pull her shirt off over her head. As she walked the couple of steps over to the machine, her stomach started to ball up and she shivered, though the room was comfortably warm. But still, the machine managed a perfect aim side-to-side, perfectly covering both cheeks. The spanks were coming twice as fast now, but just as hard as before. Still, her thumb stayed planted firmly on the button.

She had tried spanking herself, but she could never force herself to do it properly. As she looked at the completed machine, she realized that that's what made her buy it. She took her place gingerly on the padded bench, with her knees on the 2 lower surfaces and her tummy on the upper one. The dimensions were perfect for her size, and as she looked backwards, she saw her ass was in the perfect spot for the business end of the machine. On an arm jutting forwards from the end of the bench by her head was a control panel, with dials graduated from 1 to 10 for speed and intensity, and a group of switches. The machine delivered three more strokes before Claire let go of the trigger to regain her composure.

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So, ever since a hard drive crash a while back, I haven't been able to get my Ministry of Rock eskortejentene knulle jenter to work yet, so I've really only been making 8-bits, once. Results 1 - 10 of 15 - Create now chatbot for free on Facebook, MSN, Yahoo! Sex Chat Bot, Interactive Sex Talk, Sexy Chat Simulator, Virtual Chat Sex, Virtual Sex Chat, Online Virtual Sex Chat, Virtual Dirty Chat, Interactive Porn Chat, It "feels delightful" - Massachusetts, Age 36 I remember the first time - sext bot my boyfriend said, "we're gonna have anal sex" the first weekend we were together.

The paddle started moving backwards again, but stopped when Claire let go of the trigger. It moved the speed knob to slow, and then touched the intensity knob and stopped. She felt movement behind her, followed by a click, a swishing noise, and then her ass exploded with a searing, fiery sting. " When she had released the trigger, the machine dutifully stopped. When Claire had composed herself, she reached up and slapped the intensity knob down to 1.

Of course, it made no particular response to her question.

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