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"Wales has become a quango-state and there's a growing desire for non- elected bodies being made more accountable." Nick Ainger, MP for Pembrokeshire South and Carmarthen West, senses the devolution tide rising: "A lot has changed in 18 years.

The election campaign down here revealed that many who voted `No' in 1979, are on the move." "The Callaghan government was exhausted in 1979 after five years in office," Jackie Lawrence, MP for Prescelli Pembroke points out.

But if you can persuade them what fun this will be, it's not a bad way to plan a holiday itinerary.

And there are few places in Britain that are more suited to such a task than Pembrokeshire, West Wales, where a stunning landscape of mountains, beaches, forests and moors allows the gothic imagination to run wild.

It's simply that I've started to write thrillers, and I'm constantly searching for good places to kill off my characters.

As any mystery writer, published or unpublished, will know, this is one of the hazards of taking to crime.

Michael Williams, who represents Tenby, the area's premier resort, on Pembrokeshire County Council, believes that bodies like the Milford Haven Port Authority which faces prosecution by the Environment Agency over the accident, could be reined in by an elected body.

"Today there is an air of confidence following Labour's victory on 1 May." She said that there must be a change in the current situation which sees Wales' 1,273 elected councillors being outnumbered by 1,400 quango appointees who are responsible for nearly a third of the annual pounds 7bn Welsh Office budget.

There is still a lot to play for in a county where, thanks to a heavily fretted coastline and tidal rivers, salt water is never more than 10 miles away.

For the dream of a Welsh Assembly to become reality, the people of Pembrokeshire will have to turn out in numbers on 18 September and vote "Yes" in the referendum.

In 1979, the rejection by the people of Pembrokeshire was decisive when Wales opposed devolution by 4 to 1.

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The explanation for that decision lies partly in geography.

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