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And also i didnt have those "feels" that people have when watching a kdrama. I think Erick Mun did a wonderful job at potraying his character. They shouldn't contact each other after this drama finished otherwise, Eric could not safe his relationship. I want the male main character is replaced by Gang Dong Won, Jo Jung Seok or Jaejoong (JYJ) I hate to Eric Nam because he already had a girlfriend in the real world, huhu :'( I hope to see the second season next year or someday. I was shipping him with Seo Hyun Jin and disappointed after reading his dating news at first but his girl friend (nahyemi? Imagine how beautiful thir children will be with those beautiful parents genes. At first I keep postponing to watch this drama but I got nothing to watch, so I just watch it.

I also found Seo Hyun Jin's character a bit annoying.Park Do-Kyung gets drunk and places her fiancé in a difficult predicament.Park Do-Kyung is unaware that the fiancé is about to marry another woman named Oh Hae-Young.For his part, Park Do-Kyung soon has visions of a woman he has never met.He soon realizes the woman is another Oh Hae-Young.

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I've watched it 2 times and still crying and laughing at the same scenes. Congratulations to SHJ for the Best Actress award from Baeksang Arts Award.. The chemistry between you and Eric was over the moon.

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