Slovakia dating culture

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Steamed dumplings are very typical of the Czech and Slovak kitchens. They are little tedious to prepare (since you need to wait for the dough to rise) but will give your dish quite a different character.

Knedle are used to soak up juices in your dish and as such go really well with stews and saucy dishes.

Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and onions make the basis of many dishes.

You can serve them with soup if you are looking for a light dinner.

Learn More - Cities of Slovakia: Alistál | Banska Bystrica | Bardejov | Bratislava | Dolni Kubin | Dunajska Streda | Galanta | Hlohovec | Humenne | Huncovce | Michalovce | Nitra | Nove Mesto Nad Vahom | Nove Zamky | Pezinok | Trencin Jews have lived in the Slovakian region since the 11th century.

These are supplemented by chicken, pork, and to a lesser degree beef. Besides mutton (which isn’t actually all that common), sheep produced various cheese products, including a feta-like cheese called bryndza and the smoked cheese oštiepok.

I put this page to give you a better idea of the kinds of dishes people eat in Slovakia (and to a large extent also in the Czech republic).

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