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Thus Felix Beaujour recorded its name as "Katheri", while François Pouqueville gives the name of the settlement as "Kateri Hatera".According to another theory, the city derives its name from the small chapel dedicated to Saint Catherine (Aikaterini in Greek) to the east of the city, dating to at least the early 19th century.In particular, the Armenian manufacturer Daniel Avakian ( remains as one of the earliest firms that specialized in the manufacturing of chick peas.The first ever roasting oven is still in display in the following address: AVAKIAN Daniel and Son Dagli street 2, Katerini.Katerini railway station is located just outside the city centre.The main line of the Greek railway system that connects Athens with Thessaloniki passes through Katerini.Within the boundaries of the municipality, there are over 230 hotels that can accommodate more that 8,600 people.

Single carriageways run from Katerini to every settlement of the Pieria.As a result, the city is connected directly with Larisa and Thessaloniki via the Proastiakos The Protestant community is fully integrated in the life of the city, but in the past there were tensions between the Evangelical community and the Greek Orthodox majority.These tensions led to the arson of the Evangelical Church of Katerini from a Greek Orthodox mob in March 1930.In 1806, William Martin Leake recorded 100 hearths, while four years later Daniel recorded 140.For the remainder of the 19th century, the number of homes remained steady at about 300, with a population in 1900 of 2,070 Greek Orthodox mostly Vlah, and 600 Muslims, most of them of Albanian origin.

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