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We need to now create the Task Sequence that will create our reference image of Windows 10 1709.The settings below enable auto log in and skip the welcome screen, so these should only be used for lab/closed environments.Configure Configure Rules/Custom On the Rules tab of the Deployment Share properties window, add the settings below.Create a Task Sequence Blocking Internet Access to prevent Windows Store App Updates To block internet access to the VM whilst the image is building, we’ll use the script from Peter Löfgren’s System Center Ramblings post.First create a Power Shell script called Internet-Access.ps1 with the following code: ## Creates the disable option used by the script param ( [Parameter(Mandatory=$False, Position=0)] [Switch]$Disable ) ## If the Disable command line option is not added, the script adds a Firewall Rule to block traffic on ports 80 (http) and 443 (https). $Disable) ## If the Disable command line option is added, the script removes the Firewall Rule created above.

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Importing Packages Importing Applications (Optional) You may want to add some applications to be a part of your reference image, here I’ll cover how to add Microsoft Office.

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