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In January, ASIC announced what it calls a package of regulatory outcomes against Radio Rentals, RR and Rentlo Reinvented, all part of Thorn Australia group of companies.This was the result of, according to ASIC, the businesses' past poor conduct towards customers and also in order to protect future customers.Miller, Bill James, Bill Miller, Bill Walker, Billy Ford, Billy Miller, Bismarck Miller, Bob Andy, Bob Kenet, Bob Miller, Bobby Miller, Bonke Miller, Bonnie Millano, Brad Dinn, Brad Michel, Brad Miller, Brad Williams, Brady Miller, Brain Miller, Braine Miller Miller, Braine Miller, Braine Russell, Brennard Warren, Brian Adams Miller, Brian Argabright, Brian H. Miller, Brian Miller Cooper, Brian Miller, Brian Palma Miller, Brian Porterfield, Brian S. Miller, Brown Franklinson Miller, Brown Kelvin, Brown Miller Smith, Brown Miller Wood, Brown Miller, Brown Robson, Brown Williams, Bruce John Miller, Bruce Joseph Miller, Bruce Miller Wenzil, Bruce Miller, Bryan Battaglia, Bryan Lukens, Bryan Miller, Bryan Pitt, Bryn Miller, Brynd Goodey Miller, Bud Morrison, Buford Miller, Bunto Miller Meyer, Bunto Miller, Burchett Miller, Cal Spencer, Caldwell David, Caleb M. Miller, Caleb Miller Moore, Caleb Miller, Callus Miller, Calvert Miller, Calvin Dunn, Calvin Miller, Calvin Spencer Miller, Calvin Spencer, Calvin Woods, Caminus Miller, Campbell Frank, Campbell Miller, Cany Smthmiller, Capt. The January package included .1 million in refunds to customers and write-offs of default fees, and .8 million in customer refunds of excess lease payments.By 23 January when the decision was made public, Radio Rentals had already returned approximately .8 million of the .8 million to customers who overpaid."Today’s penalty reinforces the need to uphold high standards of conduct in the consumer leasing industry," ASIC deputy chair Peter Kell said."The law requires lenders to verify a consumer’s financial situation to make sure that consumers are not being put into unaffordable loans or leases’.

Hackers are squeezing through the smallest of security vulnerabilities to cause maximum damage, creating increased levels of customer concern across Australia.

In a federal lawsuit filed Friday in the Southern District of Florida, the plaintiffs — OWN LLC, former Duke basketball player Love and OWN executive vice president Scott Garner — state that Justin Jackson “pretends to be connected to OWN, its employees and others in an effort to obtain financial benefits.” Angel Agarrat is named as a co-defendant in the lawsuit.

Jackson is no stranger to legal trouble, having been convicted of felony theft for posing as Madonna‘s manager in 2007.

ASIC then lodged civil penalty proceedings with the Federal Court of Australia where Thorn admitted to four contraventions by Radio Rentals of the National Credit Act in respect of each of the 275,060 consumer leases it entered into in from 23 January 2012 to .

At the time, it was revealed that ASIC and Thorn would file papers in the Federal Court make joint submissions that the appropriate penalty to be paid by Thorn is million.

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