Updating 08 chevy 1500 cpu

If water gets inside a PCM, it can short circuits and set up irreversible corrosion that ruins electronic connections.Most remanufacturers wont even attempt to repair a PCM if the vehicle it came out of was submerged in a flood. Thermal stress and vibration can form microcracks in circuit boards (which are repairable).Accurately identifying the PCM requires not only the vehicle year, make, model and engine size, but also the OEM part number on the PCM itself.

As for environmental factors, water is the main thing to avoid.

This often has more to due with the ruggedness of the circuit design than operation factors in the vehicle itself.

Because there are so many different PCMs, accurate identification of the PCM and its correct replacement is absolutely essential to prevent unnecessary returns.

Warranty returns on complicated and expensive components like powertrain control modules can be tricky and are a no-win situation for everyone.

Over 50 percent of PCMs that are returned under warranty have nothing wrong with them!

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