Updating firefox on eee pc

There is basically no harm in this, as the fan would automatically start, when there is heavy load in the system.This assumes that you have KDE or GNOME to catch the press of power power button to launch the logout/Switch user/shutdown/restart dialog.The compressed image contains the entire disk image including the boot sector and partition table. Fix Me: The following assumes the user did not repartition the system when they installed Debian.This is not the recommended way to install Debian, as it wastes space by leaving the Xandros restore partition intact.You need the Asus Support DVD that came with the machine, and a Linux machine with a DVD reader and about 2.5G of free disk space (so you probably don't want to do this on your Eee).(The offset of 63*512 = 32256 skips over the partition table in the disk image.) The original filesystem is now mounted, read-only, under /mnt/img/.Redo the backup using an all-in-one-partition Debian system and show the resulting fdisk output (plus now we can drop the Note at the end about extracting from the second partition).

Specifically, modify the file then updating to the 2.6.37-rc5- (at time of writing, this requires enabling the experimental repository) kernel.

When you're finished accessing it, don't forget to do The Debian Installer provided in the ../Howto/Install can be used to make a disk image and to send it over the network.

This trick can sometimes provide a way to restore the (nearly) original Asus Eee PC system before playing with new Debian installation as in some countries, you do not have the Asus Restore Image shipped with the laptop. Next, we need to use fdisk to determine the offset of the partition so we can mount it as a loopback device using that offset.

I don't know if they otherwise update applications in-between releases either in the official repositories or in Packman.

There are special extra repositories for people who want to have more up to date versions like this one SUSE_12.1 replace the 12.1 at the end with 11.4 if you need it for 11.4 it has Firefox 8 and Thunderbird 8.

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