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Note - If you wish to be enrolled into the air traveller side (NEXUS Air) of the program.

It is suggested to schedule an interview at an airport enrollment centre.

There are NEXUS lanes offered at busy land crossings with varying hours depending which one you use.

As those travellers are not subject to the routine screening process for regular travellers they can get through the border fairly quickly.

The program is fully integrated and extends to travelling by air, land, or sea into both countries at applicable ports of entry.As a member you are eligible for participation in the US Global Entry program, the TSA Pre program which offers expedited passenger security screening at major US airports.Air travellers should enter the NEXUS card number when they book their air travel prior to travelling to avoid potential problems.You must have a clean criminal record and be free of any customs, immigration, or agriculture violations in any Canada and the USA in order to apply.This article contains a discussion by Trip Advisor members concerning the above topic.

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You will then be interviewed by the authorities of both countries who will then explain to you the rules of the program, take a photograph of you, a fingerprint and iris scan (at an airport location).

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