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Over time, an app can be updated with new content and then redeployed to its designated clients.

The deployment app can be an existing Splunk Enterprise app or one developed solely to group some content for deployment purposes.

Fast-forward to today and iframes are a staple of web development and the cornerstone of both the Facebook and Share Point 2013 app architecture.

But that doesn't mean iframes don't come with some unique challenges.

Just a decade ago iframes were frowned upon on the web.

Thankfully, MSDN has fantastic resources and guidance on UX design for apps in Share Point 2013, which should be considered the definitive guide for designing Share Point app UX.

Apps for Share Point can be displayed in two basic ways.

The first option is to display app pages in full-screen (full content area of a browser), which is the only required experience an app must provide.

For example, you can group all Windows clients into one server class and all Linux clients into another server class.

You use server classes to map a group of deployment clients to one or more deployment apps.

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By creating a server class, you are telling the deployment server that a specific set of clients should receive configuration updates in the form of a specific set of apps.

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