Updating is not supported by data source sqldatasource1

" Select Command="SELECT [Order ID], [Customer ID], [Employee ID], [Order Date], [Ship Name] FROM [Orders]" Delete Command="DELETE FROM [Orders] WHERE [Order ID] = @Order ID" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [Orders] ([Customer ID], [Employee ID], [Order Date], [Ship Name]) VALUES (@Customer ID, @Employee ID, @Order Date, @Ship Name)" Update Command="UPDATE [Orders] SET [Customer ID] = @Customer ID, [Employee ID] = @Employee ID, [Order Date] = @Order Date, [Ship Name] = @Ship Name WHERE [Order ID] = @Order ID" The following articles describe how to configure some of the more common Data Source controls: For a tutorial that uses automatic CRUD operations feature, see Add controls to column templates.

Inserting is not supported by data source ' Sql Data Source2' unless Insert Command is specified.Rad Grid provides an API for inserting new data, updating existing data and deleting data from the specified data source.You can use these features while writing very little code.another problem when i keep datasource2 in LV1 selected template but datasource2 is not binding lv2.. I am trying to get a parameter for my update from the gridview but it is an ID column that I do not want displayed.

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You must configure the data source so that it supports the automatic operations.

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