Updating tile wallboard

For vinyl covered wall boards, use a damp rag with dish soap or your favorite homemade cleaning mixture to scrub the wall boards and batten strips prior to painting them. If you have paper wrapped wall boards (not vinyl wall boards), scrubbing could potentially loosen or pull the covering off.

Wiping your paper wrapped wall with a basic, multi-surface cleaning material works well instead.

They are also easy for home builders to install and are fire resistant.

Another perk of vinyl wall boards is easy cleaning and maintenance!

Many manufactured home bloggers agree that it makes all the difference between a job well done and a disastrous ending.

This means getting the highest quality primers, paints, brushes and rollers that your budget will allow, but don’t worry-- it’ll be worth it due to its long-lasting nature.

The wall board manufacturer CDS also suggests the best way to paint vinyl walls is by using oil primer and oil paint.

Maybe you even want to paint them a color that will help you sleep!

You can also ask your friendly home consultant for help determining the difference.

Just like any other wall in a home, priming the surface is the first step.

If you're wondering whether you have paper covered sheetrock or vinyl covered sheetrock, evaluate your wall by feeling it!

A smooth wall board means it is paper wrapped and a textured wall board means it is vinyl covered.

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Priming a clean surface will ensure that your paint color is well bonded to the VOG panel walls.

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