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I don’t think Hanifin has been the player his draft pedigree suggests he could be yet, so moving a big package for him would be a risk for the Canucks.

But he’s just 21 years old and already trending to be a top-pair defenceman with a relatively rare skillset.

Logistically the idea that Hanifin could be on the move makes sense, but there a few components to consider.

When teams know they have to game plan for a rushing defenceman who’s great on entries, it can open up extra lanes for forwards to gain the line more effectively.

Let’s delve into his numbers relative to his peers on the Hurricanes over the past two seasons.

Hanifin was a positive in on-ice high danger chance differential and shot attempt differential relative to teammates for the first time in his three-year career.

Hanifin’s controlled entries in total aren’t extraordinarily high, he averages only about one per game, but that threat of entry allows other players to become threats as well.

This can cause a cascading effect that leads to a lot more attacks off the rush, an area that both Stanley Cup finalists excel at this year.

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