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I have gained weight but I have developed health issues that caused it.

I am loving and caring toward my husband, respectful of him, faithful, and I try to look as good as my circumstances will allow.

And until fidelity and relationship boundaries are adequately defined, the couple’s issues have no chance to abate.

But he doesn't..he is obviously visiting these websites, which he denies when I've asked him about it.

It isn't fair of him to withhold intimacy from me, but constantly watch porn.

As such, I have developed a definition of cheating for digital age that might help couples clarify what is and is not acceptable within the bounds of their relationship: Please notice that this definition does not directly refer to affairs, pornography, strip clubs, hookup apps, sexting, webcams, flirting, chatting, fantasizing, or any other specific sexual or romantic act.

Instead, it focuses on what matters most to you, your partner, and your relationship—the emotional distancing, the sense of intimate betrayal, and the loss of trust.

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Consider these examples: None of these individuals has had an in-the-flesh sexual encounter outside of their primary relationship, and yet all four have been accused of infidelity by their spouse.

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