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“They don’t feel they’re worthy of that gift, praise, etc., and they get the sense of validation they crave by being the giver.”As a result, the codependent’s sense of self-worth and identity are hinged on their interactions with others being positive, Martinez says — and that can lead to insecurity, resentment, and poor self-esteem.

Related: 5  Ways Your Relationship Can Be Toxic To Your Health" data-reactid="28"Related: 5 Ways Your Relationship Can Be Toxic To Your Health Codependents are often in danger of being taken advantage of, psychotherapist and codependency expert Ross Rosenberg, author of “The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us,” tells Yahoo Health, and they’re often drawn to narcissists, who exploit their giving nature.

“I thought it meant you were in a bad relationship with someone else, when it really means you’re in a bad relationship with yourself.”Cummings says the term is misused, noting that a person who is codependent can’t tolerate the discomfort of others.“I couldn’t say no to save my life,” Cummings wrote.

“I even found myself in sexual situations I had no interest in.

“Such individuals don’t tend to value themselves,” Martinez says. Cummings has mastered the art of travel, from maintaining her skin care regimen on the plane to the ideal hotel sleep routine. For writing stand-up, I have to have a little bit of anger and frustration to be motivated to do it.“I’m in the television and movie business and I want to know what people are interested in, so I’ll slowly, creepily, walk down and look at everyone’s computer screen to see what they’re watching.Despite her well-known raunchy roast persona, Cummings insists she is actually closer to the character than most would think. "There's another big dimension to her," added executive producer Betsy Thomas, who called the real Cummings a marshmallow. "The idea of the roasts are to be as dirty and filthy as possible.

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“And if someone gave me a gift, I viewed it like a grenade.

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